Nicohit vape juice deals to put a spring in your step

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Here’s some great vaping news – the seasons have changed and winter’s finally given way to spring. Wait, how’s that great vaping news? Well, not only does it mean warmer temperatures, flowers in bloom, leaves on trees and longer, sunnier days, it also means you’ve a fine excuse to change up your vaping habits.

Yes, many vapers like to fall back on those comfort-tastes in winter, in the shape of dessert flavours, but with the arrival of spring, why not give your vape palate a spring clean (as it were) and plump for something zestier, tangier, sweeter and, well, altogether more spring-like? In short, why not give those great fruit flavours a go?

Why not, indeed, when there are such great deals on fruity flavours to take advantage of, right here, at Nicohit Manchester?

Mix and Match

One of our awesome offers you won’t want to miss is our ‘Mix and Match’ deal. Buy a bundle of three of your favourite flavours from our top brands for a bargain price. Simple and sounds so good, right? Trust us, it’ll taste even better. Especially when it means getting more flavour for less moolah from the following vape juice brands:

  • Yankee Juice Co. – British-made but offering the classic tastes of Americana (and from the same folks behind Yankee All Stars e-liquid), this selection ranges from the fizzy, tingly citrus of Sherbet Lemons to the blackcurrant and red berries-infused Cherry to the fabulous fruity concoction that’s Lychee & Elderflower.
  • Dutty Juice – do yourself a favour and check out these fruity flavours, including the berries and cream of Berry Pot and the bodacious tastes offered by Grape Bubblegum.
  • Uncles 70/30 – thick vapes and sweet tastes are on the menu here with flavours like the juicy combo that’s Mixed Berries, Banana Shake and the icy blast-boasting Raspberry Ice.
  • 50/50 Uncles – get the best of both worlds with the PG/ VG-balanced flavours courtesy of Uncles Vape Co juice that are the summer and wild fruits-topped Apple Berries, the blueberry and raspberry-combined Blue Raz and the brilliant cool of Icy Black Grape.

10 or more for just £2 each

Finally, what about giving our loyal and new customers the chance to enjoy our very own, fantastic brand of e-liquid flavours – and save them money as they do so? That’s exactly what we’re doing with this terrific deal; giving you the chance to enjoy our perfect-for-spring Nicohit 50/50 favours for only £2 a bottle, when you buy 10 or more of them in one bundle.

Don’t doubt it, with all the zest and tangy goodness possible, the fruity flavours in our Nicohit 50/50 range deliver tremendous taste that’s just superb for this season. We’re talking the likes of Fruit Salad (with its pineapple and raspberry cherry sweet combo), Fruit Burst (a brilliant blend of sweet, mixed fruits with delicious citric notes), Purple Grade Soda (a mixture of delicious black grapes and a touch of soda) and Strawberry Watermelon Ice (a sweet-tasting blending of strawberry and watermelon, together with a slice of an icy finish).

Moreover, these 50/50 Nicohit flavours naturally offer that appealing half-and-half PG/ VG mix, delivering vapers not just great sweet tastes, but also a rewarding throat hit and a satisfying vapour cloud – all round then, a great vaping experience. Who could ask for more, honestly?

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