Vaping And Life Insurance – Everything You Need To Know

Whilst we may not like thinking about it, life insurance provides those who are covered with security and comfort in the knowledge that if anything tragic were to happen to them, their loved ones would be looked after. Of course, there are factors that play into the cost of your life insurance premiums and you’ll […]

Vaping Flavour and Advertising Bans – Why They Leave a Bitter Taste

Vaping has drawn controversy ever since its conception in the mid-noughties. The wide range of flavours and devices from wholesale vaping supplies UK companies that draw ex-smokers away from tobacco all require nicotine as their secret weapon. Of course, due to its addictive properties nicotine deserves intense scrutiny. But at what point do regulations and […]

Vape Pens and PG/VG Balances- What you need to know

Vape pens are some of the most common forms of vape device on the market. From high street retailers to boutique e-cig and e-liquid manufacturers in the UK, vape pens can be found almost everywhere. This is great news for vaping accessibility. Vape pens are simple to use, flexible devices that require little effort and […]

Wholesale vaping – Questions you and they should know the answer to.

Making the decision to stop smoking is already a mammoth effort in and of itself, so when faced with the task of finding your perfect vape device, liquid, and blends. On top of this, the many ways you can purchase smoking cessation tools from retailers and e-liquid manufacturers is staggeringly varied. Wholesale ordering can save […]

British vaping after Brexit: what will replace TPD laws?

It may sound glib to say things are in flux right now when we’re in the midst of a pandemic, but in terms of vaping in the UK, things certainly might feel like they’re in flux. Specifically, in terms of British vaping’s relationship with legislation. Primarily, this is because vapers and, arguably more pertinently, vaping […]

Clouds on your vaping horizon: is cloudy e-liquid safe to vape?

Have you ever experienced it? You’ve purchased an exciting new e-liquid, filled your vape device with it and you’re just about to get going, but then you realise something’s not right. The vape juice looks odd; the mixture looks wrong – your bottle of e-liquid looks cloudy. And, suddenly, a number of questions tumble one […]