Everything you need to know about Nicohit

Nicohit UK has been manufacturing vape brands since 2010 and started selling its own brands online in 2012. With over 12 brands now being sold across Europe under the Nicohit umbrella, we are one of the top providers and manufacturers for vape liquid and offer a wide range of unique flavours. This makes them the perfect company for online shoppers […]

Is vaping less dangerous and more cost-effective than smoking? Yes!

With over half of the vapers in the UK having quit smoking for good, they have proven to be the most avid supporters of the device. Nicohit thought to give a rundown of just some of the reasons why this might be, and hopefully help other smokers make the jump too vaping. Why is vaping […]

What is the difference between MTL and DTL vaping?

Nicohit manufacture their own vape liquids and you can find a wide range of e-liquids that really push the boat out in terms of taste and satisfaction. In particular, flavours like blue slush add new depth to flavours to the smoking experience. When vaping, there are two different ways of inhaling and exhaling vapour. We […]