Salts for a smoother hit

If you’ve made your way to the Nicohit Salts page and haven’t yet tried the products you’re probably wondering, “what exactly is a nic salt?”.

Nicotine salt is found naturally in leaf tobacco, making it more traditional than the chemically altered version that’s found in e-liquids. In this case, it’s heated to a high temperature in order to properly vaporise, and is an efficient way to get nicotine to your body. So, to cut the story short... when you buy nic salts online, you’re sure to get your nicotine hot delivered to your body in the most efficient way possible.

Our Nicohit Salts have been created to ensure you reap the benefits of nicotine salts in the sense that you can get a sharper, quicker intake of nicotine into your body. But, we definitely haven’t skimped on flavour.

With that said, there are many nicotine salts benefits and superior taste is (of course) one of them. In many ways, sweet flavours are the stars of the show. Shop now for the best fruity flavours we have available, including our private label nicotine salts.

What’s your flavour?

All our nicotine salts are manufactured here in the UK to the highest of standards. They come in a 50/50 split concentration of VG and PG, so you’re getting the best of both worlds. Big flavour and big clouds. Win-win!

Of course, they come in a range of unique flavours, too. This includes the popular Strawberry, H Blue and Purple Grape. Not to mention our UK Tobacco and Menthol options, which are great for those of you more accustomed to something stronger or if you’re just making the move to vaping from smoking cigarettes.

Nic Salts at nice prices

We pride ourselves on giving you the best vape brands along with our own popular products. And when it comes to Nicohit Salts, we make sure they’re wide-ranging and affordable! That’s why when you buy ten you’ll save with an impressive discount. If there’s anything better than enjoying a stronger fix of nicotine when you vape, it’s saving money along the way!

Nicohit Salts

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