The only one hit nic shot you’ll need

When you’re vaping, it’s likely you’ll need a nic hit - otherwise known as a nicotine shot. It makes sense, then, to look for the best nic shots in the UK. And guess where they are? Right here! The best-unflavoured e-liquid in the UK comes in a 10ml bottle and is just the right amount of liquid nic Nicotine Shot you need when you’re vaping.

How Nicotine shot does it work?

Once you’ve bought your e-liquid or short fill, you might want to add a bit more nicotine to it.

If that’s the case, then you’ll just need to buy a nic shot UK. You simply add it to your e-liquid, shake it around, and vape. Simple! Try different ratios of vape juice to nicotine in order to find that perfect balance. Bonus points if you can find cheap nic shots! Lucky for you, our Nic-Hit NicShort is only £2, making it one of the best prices you’ll find for Nicotine Shot liquid UK.

Buy in Bulk

Nic it wholesale style and buy in bulk! You’ll save big and get a chance to try and sell some of the best brands and flavours on the market! It’s easy to get your account set-up, you can get shipping for free, and delivery is lightning fast. What are you waiting for?

A Nicotine shot for your E-Liquid. Manufactured in the UK. 70VG/30PG. 10ml Bottles available in 18mg.

Nic-Hit Nic Shot

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    • 18mg
    £2.00 Price:

    Nic Hit

    Unflavoured Nicotine shot. 70VG/30PG

    70% VG


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