What are nicotine salts and who should use them?

bottle of salt nicotine with berries

The vape industry is continuously researching new ways to innovate and elevate the industry and its tech. This should come as no surprise, as one of the most successful forms of smoking cessation devices, ex-smokers the world over have relied on companies such as Nicohit Manchester for their abstinence from tobacco products.

One revolutionary new product that is especially suited to recent ex-smokers is nicotine salts. These unique e-liquids are high in nicotine and smooth on the draw. But just what exactly are nicotine salts, and how do they differ from regular vape juices?

Nicotine salts explained

Nicotine salt is designed for users who enjoy high concentrations of nicotine and make higher concentrations more palatable, shedding the harsh throat hit that other e-liquids might have at similar nicotine concentrations. Though they are a more recent innovation, nicotine salts are in fact more naturally occurring than freebased e-liquid juices.

Nicotine salts Vs freebasing

So, the question is, what is freebased nicotine and how can it help us understand nicotine salts? Nic saltshave just one rearranged atom compared to freebased vape juice molecules. This minor difference in its molecular build means that the alkalinity in nicotine salts has been reduced. This is done through a process that uses benzoic acid to shift the PH balance in the previously freebased nicotine.

Whilst freebase e-liquids are easier for the blood to absorb, higher levels of nicotine in freebased liquids are harsher to inhale. Therefore, the vaping company PAX Labs originally developed nicotine salt in the USA, where the legal limit of nicotine per 10 ml bottles is a whopping 50 mg. Whilst the UK has a lower nicotine maximum of 20 mg per 10 ml, the higher concentrations in nicotine salt are more palatable to inhale.

Nicotine salt advice

Below are some tips on the types of vaping styles and e-liquid concentrations that best suit nicotine salt mixes.

PG/VG Balance

Due to nicotine salt’s high nicotine concentrations, the propylene glycol must be equally, if not more abundant in the PG/VG ratio than vegetable glycerine. PG carries the flavour and the nicotine in an e-liquid mix so plays an important part when blending nic salt juices.

Lower powered devices

The best e-cigs with which to use nicotine salt e-liquids are lower powered vape devices such as pod mods and vape pens. Whilst sub-ohm and variable current devices are great for producing high-density vape clouds, they mostly rely on direct to lung vaping, which can be rather intense on high nicotine vape juices.

Pod mods and other lower powered devices mimic the sensation of smoking tobacco, otherwise known as mouth to lung vaping. This style focuses on smaller, but higher concentrated vape hits and is, the recommended style for recent and heavy ex-smokers looking for an experience that mimics their former habit.

Where to buy nicotine salts

Nicotine salt e-liquids are widely available and can be found in most high street shops. You can also buy nicotine salts from companies such as Nicohit liquid.

Nicohit salt juices have 20 mg concentrations and come in a wide variety of flavours. You can also bulk buy nicotine salt e-liquid from the Nicohit website.

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