Vaping With High Blood Pressure – What You Need To Know

Vaping has long been proven to be a lot less unsafe than smoking tobacco. With tobacco’s carcinogenic and tarry by-products, the debilitating effects on lung and heart health have been well documented over the past few decades. E-liquid, then, is a far safer solution for those who are addicted to nicotine and vape products offer […]

Vaping Flavours – How To Change Your E-Liquid Without Ruining The Taste

There’s a lot of information out there about nicotine concentrations, vape maintenance and boosting your vape liquid flavours. However one aspect that is often overlooked, especially for those just embarking on their vaping journey, is how to change flavours without affecting the taste. This is a problem that many seasoned vapers come across as well, […]

E-Liquid Expiration Dates – Everything You Need To Know

Vape liquids are made of several ingredients that don’t by their nature, have clear and defined expiration dates. As e-liquids don’t contain any real “foodstuffs”, the question of expiration dates is a blurry one that is often talked about by vapers and e-liquid wholesale suppliers alike. Everything has an expiration date, however, whatever it may […]

Clouds on your vaping horizon: is cloudy e-liquid safe to vape?

Have you ever experienced it? You’ve purchased an exciting new e-liquid, filled your vape device with it and you’re just about to get going, but then you realise something’s not right. The vape juice looks odd; the mixture looks wrong – your bottle of e-liquid looks cloudy. And, suddenly, a number of questions tumble one […]

Nicohit vape juice deals to put a spring in your step

Here’s some great vaping news – the seasons have changed and winter’s finally given way to spring. Wait, how’s that great vaping news? Well, not only does it mean warmer temperatures, flowers in bloom, leaves on trees and longer, sunnier days, it also means you’ve a fine excuse to change up your vaping habits. Yes, […]