Stoptober 2020

Every smoker tries to find the best time to quit. The Stoptober campaign has been designed for smokers who want a healthier change.

This October, Nicohit UK have launched 2 fantastic deals that can help you quit for good.

Below is everything you need to know on what Nicohit is doing this Stoptober, alongside other resources to aid you.

What is Stoptober?

Stoptober takes palace over 28 days as a way for smokers to try and quit for good, providing smokers with resources and tips on kicking the habit. Resources can be found both online and at your local GP. Nicohit are also offering great-value deals to help make your decision a lot easier.

Nicohit’s Stoptober Deals

Nicohit are providing Stoptober dealsto help you make the safer choice.

Deal 1:

Purchase a T18E Vape Pen (black & silver available) and 10 Bottles of 50/50 Nicohit. (mix & match not available)
All for £30.
Available from 1st – 31st October.

Deal 2:

Spend £25 or more and receive 20% OFF across our website.

Use code: STOP20 at checkout.

Valid from 1st – 31st October.

*Can not be used in conjunction with any other Stoptober offers.

Helpful information

NHS Resources

The NHS is making their stop smoking resources even more accessible over October. Below are some of the best ways to seek guidance from the Stoptober campaign.


The Stoptober app is funded by the NHS and offers smokers a chance to see how much money they’re saving by quitting, as well as manageable and achievable goals for each day of the campaign. You can also sign up for the Stoptober newsletter and learn how you can raise money to help others in a similar position to you.

Personal Support

Personal support for Stoptober is readily available at your local GP, Pharmacist or Asthma Clinic. Medical staff are always happy to talk through your options and point you to the best packages to help you quit smoking.

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