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When it comes to the best e-liquids, Nicohit’s brands tick all the boxes. We make sure to stock popular e-juice brands and all the products that come with it, such as our famed Nicohit Salts. Why? Because when you want to shop around for the best vaping equipment and products, you'll want to be able to choose from the best e-liquid brands in the UK.

And that’s what we deliver. Whether you’re a regular consumer just looking for different brands to try or you’re after an e-cig wholesale supplier in Manchester, UK, we have the best e-liquid wholesale prices and an extensive portfolio to browse.

So, the next time you bulk buy e-liquid, you know where to come!

Speaking of top brands...we produce some of the UK’s most sought after brands, as well as our own Nicohit 50/50 and Nicohit Salts. If you’re a fan of the "The Walking Dead" (and even if you’re not!) you’ll love Apocalypse e-liquids, with each bottle boasting a unique flavour and design. Even with names like Dead Man Walking and 6 Feet Under, there’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, these e-juices are deathly delicious, with a higher concentration of VG to give you those thick clouds you’ve come to know and love.

Or, perhaps you’re just after some nicotine salts with cool flavours? If that’s the case, then Dripz Shotz comes with flavour boosters that you’ll notice as soon as you start vaping! With ten flavours to choose from, you won’t be stuck for choice.

When you’re looking for innovative tastes such as Ice Cream Waffle or Syrup Pie, look no further than Dutty Juice, a perfectly VG oriented vape juice to satiate the most exotic of palates. Likewise, Fogg Life will offer undertones of menthol combined with refreshing flavours, ideal if you’re after a vaping experience that’s both figuratively and literally cool.

Got a sweet tooth?

Then you’ll love some of the quirky vape flavours we stock. Take our Mix-Up brand for example. Strawberry Laces, Banana Foams, Fizzy Cola Bottles - it’s the pick n’ mix of the vaping world, except these come in spectacularly designed bottles, not flimsy paper bags. After you’ve had your sweet fix, you can pump up the jam with...Pump Up The Jam. As you might have guessed, is a range of delicious jam flavoured e-liquids.

Uncle Vapes Co contributes to the sweet success of our succulent e-liquids with Pear Drops, Slush and Fizzy Grape flavours, both offering up a new (and tasty!) blend to try. And, to complete the package, Yankee All-Stars and Yankee Juice Co give you even more fruit and dessert combinations. Since it’s so tough to decide which one to try first, why not try them all?

Add a hit of nicotine

When you want to add some nicotine to your e-liquid, our Nic-Hit Nic Shot is ideal as it’s an unflavoured shot. That means it won’t alter the taste of your e-liquid. Plus, it allows you to find your sweet spot in terms of the right amount of nicotine for you.

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