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Making the decision to stop smoking is already a mammoth effort in and of itself, so when faced with the task of finding your perfect vape device, liquid, and blends. On top of this, the many ways you can purchase smoking cessation tools from retailers and e-liquid manufacturers is staggeringly varied.

Wholesale ordering can save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only will a larger delivery leave a smaller carbon footprint but the prices have been collated and minimised. This means that as a retailer, you will have far better profit margins.

Despite the upsides of more choice and better value, purchasing UK wholesale vaping suppliesis a larger commitment than you might initially think. For starters, your investment is far more substantial than small online purchases on e-commerce websites and the variety of products at your disposal could last you months. This all means that you’ll want to trust your wholesale supplier and for that, you’ll want to learn a lot more about the company than your average vape retailer. This blog is designed to outline the questions you should be asking before committing to a wholesale e-cig supplier.

Company History

When choosing an e-liquid wholesale UK business to order from, it’s worth doing some research into their history. For starters, how long have they been operating? This will give you a good idea of their position within this large marketplace.

Vape suppliers are popping up left right and centre, it’s an emerging market after all. For this reason, you might find many recently formed wholesale suppliers on a cursory Google search. To separate the wheat from the chaff, it’s also worth finding out if your vape supplier is also a manufacturer. Here at Nicohit Manchester, for instance, we develop our own e-liquid brands, which has enhanced our knowledge of how to ensure a high-quality vaping experience.

Pricing and Ordering

When it comes down to it, pricing and orders are one of the most important aspects of wholesale vape orders. The whole point of wholesale vaping is to save money, so flexible price and order payments are vital for the customer.

First off, does the vape supplier have a minimum order quantity, in other words, a minimum expenditure you need to make an order? If their minimum order quantity is too high for your budget, then keep searching. A catalogue for wholesale customers is important too, you want your supplier to be transparent and clear in their pricing information. Tiered pricing is also important, more loyal, or higher spending customers get more bang for their buck, so knowing what kind of deals available to you could help you save even more money, especially when it comes to bolstering the profit margins of retailers.


Look into the workforce structure of the wholesale company. You’ll want to work with a wholesaler who has a dedicated branding and marketing team, if for no other reason than as a signifier of professional-level business. Branding and marketing on the supplier’s side could help your business gain traction and customers, especially if the products you’re wholesale purchasing are well known or can catch the eye of the public. Buying trusted brands will help increase trust in your own business if you are indeed buying to sell.

Range of Products

Alongside their branding, the diversity of the wholesalers’ catalogue is important too. Think about it from the perspective of a retailer, the more flexible your own stocks are the more tastes and types of customers you’ll cater to. The range of products you buy for your own sale should reflect the types of products you would buy yourself. Working with a wholesale supplier who owns multiple known and trusted brands is key here, you’ll want brand trust and variety as your top priority when buying.

MAP Policies

A wholesale vape retailer should showcase a MAP policy on their products. A MAP policy or Minimum Advertised Price is when a manufacturer has stated the lowest price that their products can be resold at. If your wholesale vape retailer advertises a MAP or list price, then you can usually trust that they are ethical and legitimate suppliers. The reason for this is that MAP is important for ensuring price integrity in a market. Bartering with a supplier without a suggested price backbone could lead to you as a smaller retailer, being taken advantage of by a larger supplier.

Delivery Logistics

Clarity on how your order will be delivered to you is important information you’ll want from a vape supplier. For instance, when you order, do you do so straight from the supplier’s website or through an intermediary. The former is better, as it will not mean any unseen prices. Flexibility on payment methods and terms might be handy as well, as is knowing exactly when your product is going to be shipped to you through the inclusion of a shipping tracking code.

Support and Customer Service

Clarity and communication are key, so find out what your supplier’s policy is on customer support and service. Does the vape supplier have a phone hotline or regularly attended email address for customers? A dedicated sales representative is a good start, as is a regulatory team who are responsible for communicating with government agencies such as the MHRA or FDA in the US, who are vital gatekeepers for the industry.

Client Feedback

One easy way to gather all the above information is through communicating with a third party, that being a previous customer of the wholesale vape supplier. Their feedback is a sure-fire way to get a read on a supplier, and even something as simple as user reviews can help ensure that you make the best decision for your needs.

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