What is there to know about high PG e-liquids?

Whilst most vape companies will focus on the sub ohm, low nicotine styled juices, brands like Uncles high PG think a little more outside the box when it comes to their mixes. Whilst Uncles do have their own range of short fills at 70 VG, they also focus on a diverse and tantalising high PG juices. High PG vape juices come with their own set of benefits and tailor your vape experience to something that high VG simply can’t. If you’re interested in vaping on high PG juices, here’s everything you need to know.

What is propylene glycol?

Propylene glycol is one of the main compounds in an e-liquid. Whilst VG controls the thickness of the e-liquid, PG carries the flavourings and occasionally nicotine. Whilst you need both VG and PG to build your vape juice on, they can come in a variety of different ratios.

Sharper throat hits

With high PG juices comes the potential for sharper throat hits. These are made because a higher PG mix makes the e-liquid thinner and therefore easier to vaporise. Sharper throat hits can be a little unpalatable on high powered devices such as the sub ohm and variable mod, so make sure you only use them on pod mods and lower-powered vaporisers.

Intense flavour

Flavour is the most important aspect of PG heavy vape juices. Whilst the sub-ohm vape liquids flavour comes from the mass of vapour produced, small hits allow potent blasts and therefore helps keep your vape juice lasting longer. Less is more with the PG heavy e-liquid and the best E-Liquid Wholesale Distributors UK capitalise on this with diverse and potent PG juice collections.

Less brutal on your wick and coil

Thicker e-liquids can run the risk of clogging up your coil and cotton. This is because the residue they leave when heated at higher temperatures solidifies to a consistency that can stop your coil functioning at full capacity. Thinner e-liquids, even Nicohit’s 50/50 range, don’t form the same residue as easily, in part because of their thinner consistency, and in part, because of the low powered devices that they’re built for.

Higher nicotine

With a higher PG comes a higher threshold for nicotine concentration. As PG carries the nicotine, e-liquids higher in the compound’s ratio simply have more space to store the nicotine. Pre-filled bottles come with up to 20 mg per 10 ml of nicotine, making it the perfect vape juice for ex-heavy smokers.

Should I buy high PG juices?

Whether you’re buying the next big thing or the clearance vape juice UK from your favourite vape shop, don’t overlook high PG juices, especially if you’re looking for potent, nuanced tastes and high concentrate, mouth to lung friendly nicotine hits.

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