What are the UK costs of vaping in 2021?

Vape Costs

Over the late 2000s,’ the price of tobacco rose dramatically. From £8 for a 30-gram tobacco pouch to more than £15, it’s clear to see that another deterrent from smoking has been the hiked-up prices. Many of the tobacco companies out there spend more on the import and export than they do on the growing of tobacco itself. Pair that with the advertising and packaging restrictions set upon the tobacco industry over the years and it is clear why smoking has become such an expense.

In comparison, the vaping industry has kept its prices relatively low, not only in the UK but globally too. With nicotine concentrations price hikes very rare, it is especially easy to buy great value e-liquids if you’re buying locally. E-liquid wholesale suppliers are also great value for money for retailers too. Why is this the case and how can you save even more money as an ex-smoker looking to make the less unhealthy jump to heat not burn nicotine products?

Why is vaping cheaper than smoking?

Before we get into the specifics of vaping prices in the UK, it’s a good idea to get to the bottom of just why it’s so much cheaper than smoking. Below are some of the main reasons why vaping has, over the years retained its price whilst tobacco has increased exponentially.

Smoking cessation advantages

One of the more obvious reasons for the great prices afforded by the best vape liquid brands in the UK is that they are marketed as smoking cessation tools. Many charities and health services encourage smokers to use vaping as a way to quit tobacco and a lot of the time it sticks. There are thousands of ex-smokers now vaping in the UK and if prices were higher than smoking tobacco, it would defeat the point as an incentive.

Demand means that don’t need to raise prices

E-liquids are cheap to manufacture, and with the high demand for new products and flavours, there’s little reason to raise the prices dramatically. Most vape products are health and safety tested and the fact that so many people in the country use them means that companies easily make a profit due to cheaper manufacturing costs and often local e-liquid brewers.


E-liquids are not the only product that is cheap to buy. Devices can be too, although depending on their functions, can be slightly higher in price or lower. This is partly due to the complexity of the device’s components, for instance, variable devices will be more expensive because they provide a user interface that gives you control over the temperature and electrical current of the device. This will, of course, cost more to produce.

Cigalikes and pod mods

The cheapest variety of vape device out there is the cigalike and the pod mod. Disposable cigalikes can cost as little as £5 from your local corner shop and after roughly 500 puffs, will need to be thrown away.

Pod mods also come cheap, at about £15 for a device from a local corner shop but can be more expensive if purchasing a JUUL or other high-quality vape device. The pod mod is a cartridge-based device, making them especially popular with ex-smokers looking for a simple alternative that doesn’t require buying vape liquids.

Advanced devices

Advanced devices can include temperature control vapes, variable wattage or voltage mods and rebuildable mechanical mods. As mentioned above, these devices are more advanced than the simple inhale activated vape pens and pod mods but can still be relatively inexpensive depending on the brand you buy from. Higher quality and designer vape mods can cost anywhere from £20 to £150.

Short Fills

Short fills are bottles of e-liquid that come with no nicotine and are larger than 10 ml pre-fills, coming in at up to 50 ml in size. These bottles are called short fills because they have about 10 to 20 percent of space left over for users to add their own nicotine. These bottles can cost anything from £10 to £20 depending on the brand but are equivalent to five bottles of pre-filled e-liquid. You can also buy shots of concentrated nicotine for between 99p and £2 per bottle.


Coils and atomisers for rebuildable mods usually cost between £3 and £10 but can be bought in multipacks for around £15. You can buy large packs of extra wicking cotton for around £3 to £5 as well, making replacements for your rebuildable mod very inexpensive indeed.

How to save more money on vaping?

Vaping might be cheap, but there are ways that you can push the value even further.

Clearance Sales

Whether they be discontinued products or just a bit of spring cleaning at an e-liquid wholesale suppliers’ storeroom, clearance sales offer wonderful, often unique vape liquids for even greater value. Online and shop retailer’s clearance sales will often be advertised online, so make sure to follow your favourite vape shops social media accounts to keep up to date with incoming deals.

Buy from the previous season

If you’re looking for a new vape device, consider buying ones that have already been out for a year or two. These devices will still be high quality but like with fashion, trends come and go. Older models will naturally be less expensive than the latest technological innovation.

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