Ways That Vaping Can Help Smokers Quit, Even When They’re Firm Tobacco Users

Stop Smoking Start Vaping

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and so it’s unsurprising that so many people have taken up vaping with products like Nicohit e-liquid. The harm reduction capacity of vaping for ex-smokers has led many studies to show that e-cigs are at least 98 percent less dangerous than smoking tobacco. This is in part due to the heat not burn technology used in vape products, but there’s more to convincing smokers to quit than just the science.

It’s the psychology too. A study conducted in Buffalo New York in 2021 used a group of heavy smokers who had no intention of quitting and replaced their tobacco with e-cigs. As part of the study researchers used data collected in the USA from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study, it was found that at least 6 percent of the subjects quit tobacco whilst vaping and that 28 percent of smokers became vapers. This is just a snapshot of evidence that shows how vaping can help nicotine addicts make healthier choices and switch to products such as Nicohit Salts e-liquid.

This study was conducted as a way to show how vaping has affected the tobacco market, but it never dug deep enough into the motivations of people who quit tobacco for good. This blog will outline some of the ways that a switch to vaping can help those who might not think they’re ready to quit smoking, but could help them on their way to a nicotine-free life.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a mode of replacing tobacco with a less harmful method of nicotine use. Nicotine replacement therapy utilises the part of the brain that is required when you become addicted, associating certain habits or routines with the pleasure of smoking. Vaping can replace the pleasure of smoking with a similar sensation and use of the hands. For Instance, if you are used to a cigarette break during your work day, vaping products such as Uncles Vape Liquid can mean that there is no change to your habit or the serotonin released due to habit association with nicotine.

More Choice Of Flavours

Vapers who took part in the study may have actually found they enjoyed vaping more. Part of the draw to vaping for ex-smokers is that wide choice of flavours, many of which are close to the real thing. From candy and dessert flavours to tobacco flavours that actually outmatch the flavour notes of cigarettes, there is certainly a large choice on the vaping market and flavour and e-cig to suit many different needs.

Nicotine Flexibility

Further to flavour and e-cig flexibility, nicotine flexibility is also something that firm smokers might be surprised at being taken by. All e-liquids usually come with a choice of nicotine concentrations and though the maximums vary from country to country, the US highs of 50 mg per 1 ml and UK maximums of 20 mg per 1 ml are more than enough to satisfy smokers cravings. In fact, each 1 ml bottle of e-liquid contains about 100 puffs, depending on the kind of vaporiser you’re using, similar to about ten cigarettes, so every vape user is getting more than their moneys worth compared to smoking. Add that to the benefits of flexible nicotine concentrations, and you have a far better value for money than tobacco.

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