Vaping trends to expect in 2021

As the never-diminishing popularity of vaping continues through the new year, what will 2021 bring to the vaping world?

The rise of nicotine salts

Often, when searching online for something to vape from an e-liquid manufacturer, it feels like you can’t move from recommendations of nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts by Uncles Vape are a terrific vaping solution for those looking to quit smoking, owing to the pure, concentrated form of nicotine they comprise; thereby lowering the pH level of users’ nicotine intake and giving them a decidedly smoother yet nicotine-high throat hit.

Moreover, the ever-increasing variety of nicotine salts that are now on the market, you will be stuck for choice.

A fulsome year for flavoursome vaping

Flavour fanatics make up a significant proportion of all vapers, which means it’s no surprise the demand for great-tasting vape juices (like for instance, those produced by Nicohit) seems to increase year-on-year.

This is going to be no different in 2021 – it’s a trend that’s simply one of the vaping world’s mainstays. The desire of vapers for more and new flavours is driving the never-ending generation of more and more flavours.

Uncles Salts have 10 fantastic flavours, ranging from juicy mango to a true tobacco taste. All salts are available at 20mg and can be bought from our online store with our £1 E-Liquid deal.

Ever smaller vape devices

Vape devices evolve all the time; new solutions for vaping delicious e-liquid (like Nicohit Purple Lush) never cease to appear, every one of them armed with impressive technological enhancements to improve and personalise one’s vaping experience.

The most noticeable trend could well be the reduction in size of e-cigs, pods and mods. It’s hardly surprising; one of the most predictable outcomes of R&D getting their hooks into any kind of consumer goods is the shrinkage of those goods’ dimensions. Top of the tree with this trend? Well, it could well prove to be pod devices, with all-in-one (AIO) portable devices continuing to flourish and saturating the market.

Integrated tech

Finally, with the aforementioned drive of R&D to deliver ever-increasing opportunities for personalising vape experiences, we’re likely to see a deepening in the merger of innovative technology and familiar vape device technology. In other words, there’s likely to be a doubling-down in the opportunity to deploy wireless tech (via Bluetooth) to integrate your vape device with your Smartphone and get the most out of sampling your favourite e-liquids.

No question, e-cigarettes, mods and pods are becoming smarter, easier-to-use and ever more ergonomic.

Published by Nicohit

We have become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and brands of E-liquid. We started developing our first range of E-liquid which became available for sale early in 2012. We created “Nicohit” as a brand owned by vapers for vapers. Everything we sell is tested by us and only gets the thumbs up if we think it is of the best quality.

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