The best e-liquids on Nicohit

It’s hard to find the best e-liquid on the market when there is so much out there. Here at Nicohit we try and test all of our liquids and only gets the thumbs up if we believe it is of the best quality. We strive to bring our customers the best products at the best prices.

Dutty Juice

Most seasoned vapers will recognise Dutty Juice as the bottle definitely stands out. They have amazing flavours ranging from Ice Cream Waffle, Grape Bubblegum to Syrup Pie.

Nicohit recommends: Berry Pot: A fusion of berries and delicious cream.

Customer review: Instagram user said “Love the mix of berries and cream with the cool hit to top it off.”

Uncles Vape Co

With lovely designed bottles and a huge range of flavours, Uncles Vape Co is a favourite for many. They have many different flavours from Aniseed Sweet to Fizzy Grape.

Nicohit recommends: Cherry menthol: Cool menthol topped with a delicious cherry

Customer review: An Instagram user said “Cherry menthol with ice nicshot is my absolute go to juice.”

Nicohit Salts

Nicotine salts are used to get that stronger but smoother throat hit that many vapers like and with a variety of flavours available on our online store, there is a nicotine salt for you.

Fogg Life

You can expect a range of eccentric flavours and names to match with Fogg Life e-liquid. Names such as Convict, Pimp, Ruffneck and Gang Banger are all a complex mix of fruits and berries.

Nicohit recommends: Ruffneck: Like a currant soother that’s refreshing and rich.

Customer review: Youtuber said “It’s a lovely flavour like vimto. It’s got a minty aftertaste that’s lovely.”

Yankee Juice Co

You’re definitely going to feel nostalgic with this range of flavours from Yankee Juice Co, bringing the best American flavours.

Nicohit recommends: Sherbet Lemon: Fizzy sherbet and sweet lemon give a tingling experience.

Customer review: Youtuber said “You really do get the flavour, it’s nice. It’s a really nice lime.”

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We have become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and brands of E-liquid. We started developing our first range of E-liquid which became available for sale early in 2012. We created “Nicohit” as a brand owned by vapers for vapers. Everything we sell is tested by us and only gets the thumbs up if we think it is of the best quality.

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