PG/VG – What is right for me?

PG, VG and Nicotine bottles

Vape liquids might only have a few ingredients, but it’s blends and concentrations have many possibilities. This is one of the aspects that make e-liquid such a versatile smoking cessation tool and the different PG and VG ratios that they are mixed on give customers even more choice.

All pre-filled vape bottles are labelled with a PG/VG ratio and this will determine the type of vaping experience you have. From Dutty Juice’s sub-ohm optimised VG heavy liquids to the high nicotine concentrations of Nicohit Nicsalt juices, there are countless choices, each with its own unique benefits for vapers.

The type of VG/ PG ratio that your vape liquid is built on will affect the type of experience you have. Every vaper will have their own personal preference and so knowing which type suits you will always be a vital gateway in your vaping journey. From heady clouds of thick vapour to sharp and concentrated throat hits, PG/VG are vital for vapers and suppliers to swot up on.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is one of two organic compounds that vape liquids are built on. All vape liquids contain some amount of PG, which is responsible for the throat hit you feel when inhaling e-liquid and independently from vape liquid, is thin and watery in its consistency.

High PG benefits

PG heavy ratios can be used for both low and high nicotine concentrations because the compound carries the nicotine in a vape liquid. The flavours of high PG vape juices are usually stronger and more refined, suiting a mouth to lung vaping style. PG heavy e-liquids are becoming increasingly common, Uncles vape being a great example of a brand that blends with PG 70.

High PG devices

PG heavy vape liquids are suited to lower-powered vape pens or pod mods. These devices favour flavour and nicotine concentrations over vape cloud density, catering to ex-smokers or those who are new to vaping.

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable glycerine is the second organic compound that you’ll find in all e-liquids. Thick and syrupy in its consistency, VG makes e-liquid more viscous and helps to produce denser vape clouds. VG has a sweet after taste and makes your vape inhale smoother.

High VG benefits

The heightened sweetness and softness of high VG vape inhale make e-juices such as Yankee vape juice perfect for sub-ohm vapers and low nicotine users. Many high VG juices come in the form of short fills (vape liquids that have no nicotine), meaning bottles can bypass the UK’s 10 ml max prefill rules on nicotine concentrated juices. These short fill bottles provide about 10 percent of space left over for users to add their own nicotine shots, providing a versatility that is often unseen in high PG juices.

High VG devices

As mentioned, most sub-ohm vape liquids are higher in vegetable glycerine than propylene glycol. Sub-ohm optimised devices usually have flexible current controls and provide direct to lung inhale power. These devices are usually preferred by longer-term vapers.

50/50 Blends

50/50 blends like Nicohit e-liquid provide the best of both. These e-liquids are the perfect place to start for those who are new to vaping as they can contain low to high concentrations of nicotine and a balanced flavour perfect for starter devices.

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