How E-Liquids can save you Money on smoking cessation

Over the last few years, the prices of tobacco have risen very sharply. With the ban on cigarette advertising in the mid-noughties and 2015 seeing UK MP’s vote in favour of plain coloured cigarette packaging, the industry has become far more expensive in recent years. With many tobacco smokers having quit altogether in favour of vaping products, the rate at which people are swapping is rising, in part because of the far cheaper price of e-liquids.

But what do you save when using vape liquids and what aspects of the smoking cessation tool make it such a great value alternative for tobacco users? Below are just some of the reasons why e-liquids are sold at such great value, and how you can save even more money on vaping.

Average costs of vape liquids

Nicohit’s 50/50 range cost no more than £3 per 10 ml bottle, their nicotine concentration not affecting the price. Arguably then, a higher nicotine concentrated bottle will be a greater value than a lower one, but with moreish tastes from brands such as Nicohit, the cost isn’t affected.

Easy to manufacture

Vape liquids are only made of five ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and water. Nicohit manufacture all of their own products and has become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and brands of E-Liquid, which first became available for sale in early 2012.

High demand

Alongside the simplicity of its manufacture, vape liquids are the most popular form of smoking cessation tool. Nicotine alternatives are in high demand. Just check out the amazing Nicohit brands found on their website.

Short Fills

Short fills were developed as a way to get around the TPD laws that came into effect in May 2016. As prefilled e-liquids containing nicotine were restricted to 10 ml bottles, short fills are 60ml bottle containing 0mg of nicotine. These bottles have 10ml of space left free for you to add your own nicotine shots. Nicohit offer great deals on short fills if you haven’t already looked.


Wholesale vaping supplies is also available for Nicohit customers with an extensive range available to browse online. Nicohit provides free shipping for any order over £250. For more information, click here.

Published by Nicohit

We have become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and brands of E-liquid. We started developing our first range of E-liquid which became available for sale early in 2012. We created “Nicohit” as a brand owned by vapers for vapers. Everything we sell is tested by us and only gets the thumbs up if we think it is of the best quality.

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