How do sub ohm juices differ from normal e-liquids

Vape juices come in all different kinds of mixes. With many devices out there, it is no surprise to find that the PG/VG ratios, nicotine concentrations and flavours can differ dramatically from company to company. Many companies, such as Nicohit provide a versatile range of e-liquids fit for use on many devices. One device that really should use tailored e-liquids is the sub-ohm mod.

These vape devices are designed to be flexible and powerful, ensuring a broad variety of models and variable current settings. The juices they use – sub-ohm vape liquids – are designed to be perfect for vaping on these devices. Below is everything you ended to know about them.

What does sub ohm mean?

Sub ohm vaping is a vaping style that uses below 1-ohm resistance circuits. Put simply, this means that the resistance of the e-cig circuit allows for far more electricity to run through the coil. In turn, this leads to a much larger accumulation of vapour and therefore a bigger inhalation and denser vape clouds.

Sub ohm juices

You will need a higher VG e-liquid with your vape. Luckily, we have the right juice for you. A Higher VG provides the thickness and sweetness in e-liquids. With a thicker consistency, high VG e-liquids provide a density that is suited to cloud chasing, the viscosity allowing for deeper inhales and cooler hits.


E-liquids such as the Yankee All Stars brand, come with high VG mixes and no nicotine. This comes in a 50 ml bottle that saves space for you to add your own nicotine shots but also caters to non-nicotine vapers. This makes regular vaping more palatable to sub ohmers and adds a degree of personalisation to vaping.

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