Everything you need to know about nicotine salts

One thing that has grown more popular over the last couple of years are nicotine salts. So, we’ve put together a guide on understanding Nicotine Salts and how they could make a difference to the way you choose to vape.

So, what are nicotine salts?

It is a crystallised form of Nicotine, which means it’s a manmade version of the same nicotine that comes from a natural tobacco leaf. Which is pretty cool. You can order Nicotine Salts online.

And how is it made?

  • The nicotine in tobacco leaves are bound to amino acids.
  • A chemical process is used to extract that nicotine from these acids which gives a free base nicotine, which is what is used in most normal e-juices.
  • The pH levels of this free base nicotine are then adjusted by scientists to create the nicotine salts.

So, what are the advantages of nicotine salts?

The throat hit satisfaction you’ve been craving! It is much quicker than traditional e-liquids, giving the user a quicker nicotine rush.

They are also much smoother because of the way the nicotine salts vaporise, it creates a smoother delivery of vapour. So, if you are a vaper that is wanting a higher strength of nicotine, our nicotine salts are perfect for you.

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