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E-liquids are one of the most diverse nicotine products out there but one of the overarching factors in this sector is their focus on flavour. Unlike nicotine gum and patches, e-liquids strength as a smoking cessation tool rests on the quality of their tastes. With e-liquid manufacturers balancing their ingredients, vape flavours manage to be both moreish and satisfying in equal measure. Satisfaction comes from the nicotine hit and the returnability from the flavour. One of the most popular flavour notes of any e-liquid is sweetness.

The sweetness is incredibly important and can be dialled up and toned down depending on the nicotine concentration, style of vaping and device being used. This blog will lay out how to get the most out of your e-liquids sweetness. From nicotine saltsto the heady clouds of sub-ohm e-juices, there’s a lot more to taste than just flavourings.

High PG means more flavour

High PG e-liquids are well known as the best for flavour. Propylene glycol is one of two compounds in e-liquid that create the foundations of the mixture. PG is the organic compound that is responsible for holding the flavourings and the nicotine. Naturally, high PG ratio e-liquids have higher nicotine concentrations and richer flavours.

High VG bring a natural sweetness

VG can bring sweetness to an e-liquid. The second primary foundation of e-liquid, vegetable glycerine is mostly responsible for making e-liquids thicker. High VG e-liquids are favoured by sub-ohm vapours who want thicker, larger vape clouds and inhale their e-liquids using direct to lung vaping styles. However, high VG juices such as Yankee All-Stars also have a natural sweetness to them which if you’re sub-ohming, you’ll certainly be able to pick up on.

Reduce Your Airflow

However, flavour connoisseurs will always swing back to the ever-familiar mouth to lung vaping style, the mode most likened to smoking. This mode is the default for lower-powered vape devices that use higher-PG e-liquids. However, to get the most out of your sweet flavours on a variable mod, try reducing the airflow on your mouthpiece. This will mean that the vape draws are smaller but more potent as less air makes its way into the inhale.

Increase the temperature

If you use a temperature control device, match your tightened airflow with an increase in temperature. Higher temperatures will bring out the flavour notes and richness of e-liquids such as Uncles Vape Strawberry and Kiwi Bubblegum.

What coil to use?

Coils are another important factor when it comes to flavour, especially when working with a rebuildable vape mod. The sub-ohm vape device is perfect for this, being built for low resistance vaping and large mouthfuls of e-liquid. However, to get the maximum flavour on sub-ohm devices, go against the trend and make sure that your coil has a smaller atomiser bore, not a larger one. These will decrease the airflow of the vapour produced, which as mentioned above is a key way to maximise your device’s flavour capacity.

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