Does Vaping Stain Teeth?

Does Vaping Stain Teeth

Most people care about their looks and it’s just one of the reasons why many people swap tobacco products for e-juices such as Uncles Vape Liquid. Whilst tobacco can age skin and do much worse to our lungs and heart, the comparative lack of damage of e-liquids has been well documented. Vape products use heat not burn technology after all, which means fewer poisons and carcinogens are released into the body than the smoke of tobacco. 

But there is still nicotine. Whilst products like Nicohit e-liquid have been lab-tested to ensure their safety, it can’t be denied how important nicotine is for the blends of many e-liquids. Nicotine and its effects on the human body have long been researched and studied by scientists, many of whom find that it is certainly not one of the most dangerous ingredients in tobacco smoke. However, it is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and its effects on the teeth and skin is an area that is not as well known about, at least within the public sphere.

This blog will outline some of the warning signs of teeth and skin staining from nicotine in e-liquids as well as some of the ways that you can avoid nicotine stains and still enjoy your Nicohit salts e-liquid.

Tobacco And Staining

Tobacco is well known for causing unsightly stains to teeth and skin. This is mainly because of the smoke that’s inhaled and the ingredients within it. Tar, nicotine and other chemicals lead to long term tooth and skin staining which can often take a long time to come out. Tar is the residue of the plant material that once constituted tobacco and is the carcinogen in tobacco smoke that’s most prevalent.

Vape Liquid And Staining

Unlike tobacco, vape liquid uses heat not burn technology which means that it does not emit anywhere near as many pollutants into the atmosphere, and therefore into your body. Vape liquid contains nicotine, which when in tobacco’s combustible form, does stain. Even at its highest concentrations in e-liquid, nicotine does not. Part of the reason for this is that nicotine when inhaled in vape liquid is mostly absorbed into the body.

There are, however, some circumstances in which you might see some staining or mouth damage from vaping.

Does Your Vape Liquid Contain Colour Agents?

Colour agents such as those that come in certain flavourings could, when vaped excessively, lead to staining of the teeth. It’s best to try and avoid vaping too much with excessively coloured e-liquids. 

Vaping And Gums

The nicotine in e-liquid can cause a reaction called vasoconstriction, essentially the process of your blood vessels constricting when met with nicotine. This is only short term, however, and you’ll find that your gums return to normal once you’ve inhaled. However, over time, this can lead to complications in the form of gum diseases such as gingivitis. Though rare, excessive vaping can lead to some mouth problems over time, so make sure to take a break every once in a while!

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