Clouds on your vaping horizon: is cloudy e-liquid safe to vape?

Cloudy ELiquid

Have you ever experienced it? You’ve purchased an exciting new e-liquid, filled your vape device with it and you’re just about to get going, but then you realise something’s not right. The vape juice looks odd; the mixture looks wrong – your bottle of e-liquid looks cloudy. And, suddenly, a number of questions tumble one after one another into your mind: what’s going on? Why is it cloudy? If you vape it, will it do you harm? What can you do to remove the cloudiness? Can you remove it?

First of all, if the e-juice you’ve bought from a well-reviewed e liquid manufacturer UK does look cloudy, you needn’t worry it’ll harm you; really, it’s highly unlikely to do you any harm. If you feel unwell from vaping this particular e-juice (and, let’s face it, it’s extremely rare to become ill from vaping), then it’ll be a coincidence because it’ll be down to another reason – there will have been something genuinely, seriously wrong with the e-liquid.

Why do vape juices become cloudy?

Generally speaking, if a vape juice look cloudy, it’s not that big a deal. It doesn’t mean there’s something fundamentally wrong with any of the ingredients or their mixture. The juice is still perfectly suitable to vape. So, why has the juice become cloudy in the first place? The most likely reason is because the e-juice contains the chemical triacetin, a glycerin acetate.

As you may have expected, triacetin is a totally safe-to-consume chemical (before and since vaping’s come along, it’s been commonly used as a food additive and as a binding element in some pharmaceutical products1). However, it does have the effect of bringing cloudiness to e-juices, especially the likes of citrus, cherry and occasionally some menthol flavours (including those available from the best vape liquid brands UK). In combination with the presence of triacetin in a vape liquid, changes in temperature can also result an e-liquid becoming cloudy.

How can you cure the cloudiness?

Well, one solution is to increase the PG volume in the juice mix’s PG/ VG ratio. This is a very possible solution for experienced vapers who like to mix e-juices to come up with their own juices – either to create their own flavours or to create juices that will deliver exactly the throat hit or exactly the clouds of vapour they want. In this case then, such vapers might want to alter, say, an 80 VG/ 20 PG blend to a 60 VG/ 40 PG mix. This may well clear the cloudiness and will almost undoubtedly result in more flavour and a bit more of a throat hit. So, could be a good solution all round, then?

Alternatively, you can try steeping any bottles of e-juice you have that have become cloudy. Steeping can be done in different ways; some more extreme than others. The simplest and perhaps the only kind of steeping you’ll need to perform here is to let the juices stand in their bottles for about two weeks; that goes for all kinds of juices – from the latest, most exclusive flavours to those available at e liquid wholesale prices. You might also want to warm the vape juice bottles a little; in fact, warming bottles of e-liquid (without removing any of the juice sealed shut inside) can be part of more involved steeping processes.

So, while a cloudy vape liquid may not look appealing, it doesn’t mean the juice has ‘gone off’ at all; the juice is still entirely safe to vape and, regardless, it’s relatively easy to encourage the liquid to mix a bit more and remove that unsightly cloudiness.

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