Busting The Myths Of Alcohol And Water Vaping

Vape Myths

It’s long been scientific fact that vaping is much less dangerous than smoking. With its mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavourings, the flexibility of vape juice and its ingredients has become part of the draw and part of ongoing innovations in the industry. In recent years nicotine salt solutions have become available, as have short fill nicotine-free vape liquids, giving customers of e-liquid wholesale distributors UK a chance to enjoy their vape liquid how they want to.

But there comes a limit to what can be done with an e-liquid. In recent years more intrepid vape explorers have started experimenting with home brewed alcohol solutions as well as pure water, in a bid to find a new way to get a buzz on or feel hydrated. Whilst there have been some success stories, there’s a reason you don’t find e-liquid manufacturers investing in this area of DIY vaping. This blog will outline whether vaping alcohol solutions or pure water is possible and whether it is beneficial.

First Off, How Does Vaping Work?

As opposed to the fire and burnt matter inhalation of tobacco, vaping utilises heat does not burn technology using liquids that are evaporated into a vapour, thus bypassing the creation of any toxic inhalants and carcinogens. These liquids are made from varying ratios of two organic compounds – propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine and the latter carry nicotine and flavourings. The liquid is heated via the atomiser, which is fed electrical power from the internal or external battery.

Alcohol Solutions – How They Theoretically Work

So, that’s the basics of vaping, but how would you vape alcohol solutions? There are various ways you could try this, but most of them do not use vaporisers or e-cigs. Most DIY alcohol vaping methods include pouring alcohol over dry ice or freebasing using a bottle of alcohol and air pressure. There are also alcohol heating devices that can be used but none of these are recommended.

The Reality Of Vaping Alcohol

The reason that it isn’t recommended that you try vaping alcohol to get drunk is that when inhaled into the lungs, the vapour bypasses the stomach and liver, which filter out the poisonous elements of alcohol. This means that it is far easier to get drunk and makes you much more susceptible to alcohol poisoning. Furthermore, alcohol dehydrates the body, and vaping it will have an increased dehydration effect on the throat, increasing the chance of infections.

Another problem with vaping with alcohol is that its boiling point is lower than e-liquid, and high alcohol liquids can be extremely volatile when exposed to high temperatures. Putting alcohol in an e-cig then, could explode or burn out your battery and device.

Water Solutions – How They’d Work

Whilst standard vape pens and e-liquids such as Yankee Juice co wholesale aren’t designed to be vaped with water added into the mix, there are ways you can dry herb vape with water as the filtration system. This should only be attempted with dry herb products and on devices that can boil water, much like how a shisha pipe uses water to heat up the flavoured tobacco.

The Reality Of Vaping Water

If it’s an alternative to nicotine and flavoured e-liquids that your looking for, water is not suitable for your everyday vape device. You won’t find water vapour under Nicohit discount codes or in the sales section because it is simply put, pointless. If you want to vape without flavour or nicotine in your e-liquid your best bit is to buy flavourless propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine solutions. These can be found online and can also be mixed yourself at home.

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