Best Vape Flavours For Summer

Whilst vape flavours are hardly ever seasonal, there are some that just really hit the spot during hotter or cooler weather. Whether it’s a warming apple pie or cookie dough flavour for winter or a cool summer fruit medley, some tastes simply transport you. Like with meals and drinks, your favourite flavours will change with the mood and (of course) the weather. This is why it’s great that there are so many on the market.

Summer is the perfect time to try your favourite vape. As we spend more time outdoors, you can enjoy punchy flavours that really complement the good weather. Whether it’s a vivid replica of your favourite soft drink or a tropical fruit salad, there are countless e-liquids to try from our Nicohit’s fruits range. Here are some of our top picks.

Fruit burst

This 50VG/50PG e-liquid comes in a range of different nicotine strengths and is a perfect summer vape experience due to its medley of fruit flavours, all carried by undertones of citric fruits. For those who can’t decide on the fruit flavour they want, the fruit burst brings forth a whole range of them!

Grape Ice

Grape is refreshing at any time of the month, but the juicy flavour from Nicohit’s 50/50 range gives a cool menthol burst alongside it. Grape Ice promises the soft juiciness of grape juice and the icy undertones of menthol.

Purple grape soda

With a fizzy aftertaste, this purple grape soda flavoured vape juice has all the refreshing qualities of an ice-cold fizzy drink, just all in vapour form. With a variety of nicotine strengths, the purple grape soda vape liquid is just as satisfying as a drink of soda on a hot day.


Nicohit 50/50 brings the flavours pure and simple, and it can’t get much simpler than Mango. One of the best of the summer fruits. This flavoured e-liquid is almost as tantalising as the real thing and comes in a broad variety of nicotine strengths and with a 50VG/50PG ratio.

Yankee all stars slush

Yankee all stars are famous for their collection of fan favourites. Amongst the warming winter treats such as Raspberry Bon Bon and Sugar Cookie you’ll find refreshing delights such as slush. Slush brings the best of icy undertones with a medley of fruits mixed in, all underscored by a short fill bottle that allows you to vape your own way.

Yankee all-stars tropical

Yankee all stars tropical is another amazing short fill e-liquid that blends up a broad variety of tropical fruits. You’ll be blown away by just how characterful the flavours are, creating a true taste of summer.

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