5 reasons why people take up vaping

New to vaping? Then you’re in good company. You’re joining a growing and vibrant community of converts, with a staggering 300% increase in UK vapers in the 5 years to 2017.

Here are the 5 main motivations behind vaping.

1. Giving up smoking

The first and most common reason we find, and totally understandable. Vaping is a proven aid to quitting the smoking habit and E-cigarettes are a perfectly satisfying replacement.

2. Saving money

Too many people still think vaping is expensive, but we worked out that switching to e-cigarettes could save the average smoker over £3000 a year. Yes vaping can get pricey, but most first-timers stick to the basics and quickly find the e-liquids they like. The result is an enjoyable experience without the hefty price tag. 

3. Trying something different

Let’s face it there’s not much flavour in cigarettes (despite what the old advertising used to say) and most smokers aren’t in it for flavour anyway but the nicotine hit. In vaping there’s an endless array of flavours and strengths to choose from and for many this is a major benefit.

4. To relax and chill

Everyone should have a hobby, a way of de-stressing and kicking back with or without friends and just enjoying the moment. Some people run, do yoga, ride a bike or read a book. Lots of people now vape. If you are an ex-smoker then you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding something to inhale, exhale and chill with.

5. To be social

There’s an enjoyable social element to vaping. Just look at the shows like Vape Jam UK, Vaper Expo and Vapefest. The increasing popularity of these events is no bad thing. You can hook up with other vapers, see the latest industry innovations, try new products and join in with the fun and frolics like competitions, live music and the great vibes.

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